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Common Statistical Mistakes to be avoided

It is easy, rather easiest to make mistakes that involve statistics. Powerful statistical software can help to remove a lot of errors and simplify the difficulties that surround statistical calculations. However, correct interpretation of the result analysis is always all the more challenging. Some of the most commonly made statistical mistakes are:  Misinterpretation of overlapping […]

The merits of Univariate Analysis

Students who are doing projects involving statistical analysis often face the question of what kind of tests they should conduct to derive the hidden meanings behind the numbers they have collected. The students are given the choice of a plethora of methods in data analysis. Some of them choose to use complex techniques, while others […]

Types of Errors

Random Error: It is caused by any of the factors that have a random effect on the measurement of the variables across the sample. To explain better by an example, the performance if a person can pick up degrade by the effect of their mood. In a particular kind of testing on children the mood […]

Confounding Variables and Validity

Confounding Variables A variable that is confounding is an external variable that has a statistical correlation with the independent variable. This also indicates that whenever there is a change in the independent variable the confounding variable changes along with it. If sometimes the researcher may miss taking the confounding variable into account, then   the conclusion […]


It is also known as Q sort.  It is a systematic study of the participant viewpoints.  It is primarily used for investigating the perspective of the participants who represent distinct viewpoints on a common issue. It does that by ranking and sorting a series of statements. The responses of the participants are analysed by the […]

SPSS and Excel: Differences

SPSS is software that has been used for doing statistical analysis with ease. Along with the analysis part, it is also useful for data access and preparation, graphics, modelling and analytical reporting. At the time that this software was launched, it was called the statistical package for social sciences. Soon after its release in the […]