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ABD Status: No, don’t get me wrong. I know the chronology of alphabets and have full confidence in my ABCD. And yes, I have not missed out on alphabet “C”. It is the ABD Status that sends down jitters down the spine of scholars. So what is this ABD Status?

ABD Stands for All but dissertation. So consider a scenario where you have finished your assignment and other course work for your master degree, then suddenly you realize that your dissertation is still pending. What will you do at this stage? You may not want to delay any further or miss the deadline. We have seen lots of scholars who back off after latching on to the ABD status for some time. Students back off from their courses because they are struggling with lots of issues like after finishing with their course they are supposed to work independently as a result they lose their focus and find it difficult to move on with their dissertations, some get busy with their job, lack of awareness on how to complete dissertations and how to get over ABD Status, lack of resources etc.

Dissertation Canada is dedicated to increase the productivity of scholars and to give solutions for their academic progress. We provide our full support and assistance to scholars as we understand the significance of their course.

Scholars can finish their dissertations and get over ABD status in straight 7 months if they avail our services and the below mentioned suggestions:

  1. The early you start working on your dissertation the better it is for you to get it finished in the course.
  2. Strive for providing a strong framework for drafting the viable proposal, and then only can it get approved. And you will be at ease while writing the dissertation.
  3. Practice, practice and practice!! This is true if you practice to write few pages every day you can finish your dissertation in time.
  4. Be realistic with your with your research project. You should know where to draw the line so that its methodology is not very complex and the goals are not too ambitious.
  5. One needs to be passionate when it comes to choosing your field of research, a field in which you are actually interested.
  6. Look for an experienced mentor who can give you valuable suggestions and can answer your queries in order to help you in finishing your work in time.
  7. Take help from professional editor who can help you in amending your mistakes and streamline your project.

We also render our services like —

Proofreading Services:

  • Paragraph Transitions
  • Consistency in style
  • Spell-Check
  • Grammatical Issues
  • Linguistic Errors

Dissertation Editing Services: We provide excellent editing services which can be customize as per your requirements. Editing Services like Formatting, spelling, diction, grammar, transition and structure of the document till it gets approval. So, you pay one time and we take care of rest.

Dissertation Proposal help: This service is required when students finished their first stage of their doctoral course and reach at the second stage. Here we have packaged our service into two heads:

  • Dissertation Proposal Consulting as it helps in identifying the topic and which method to choose.
  • Dissertation Proposal Writing helps in writing as per ideas and thoughts of the scholars and edits it as per your requirements.

Literature Review: We have a team of experts that have been working on doctoral research for more than a decade. Also, when we prepare the literature review we also provide the references for cross checking purposes.

Literature Review is of the following types:

  • Narrative literature review
  • Systematic literature review
  • Meta-analysis
  • Focused literature review
  • Annotated Literature review

Concept Paper Assistance — Concept Paper Assistance is required during the first stage of dissertation which once approved will make start your dissertation and can earn you a doctorate. Here we provide our top notch assistance with concept papers.

Research Methodology help — The research structure stands on the foundation of Research Methodology. Our team of experts will guide you on how to make sure that overall methodology is in sync with the objective of the research.

Data analysis can be broadly categorized into –

  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Data Analysis

Our team of experts helps in coding, identifying, and carrying out the appropriate qualitative analysis such as Thematic Analysis, Content Analysis, Discourse Analysis, and others such as Grounded Theory, Ethnography, Phenomenology, and Participatory Action Research.

Style Editing: Following are the main aspects that our service sought upon:

  • Thorough edit of the dissertation content to the extent of language, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Rephrasing of sentence structure to add more sharpness and improvement of word choice.
  • Working on terminologies and jargons.
  • Streamlining the consistency in referencing style to confirm to the chosen standard.
  • Checking the usage of abbreviations.
  • Refining the logical presentation by removing repetitions.

Our team of experts’ endeavor is to give you high class Style Editing services.

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  1. Deepa Ranjan

    I’ve started my PhD sometime back, and now what ABD is, this piece of information is definitely gonna help me get my dissertation done on time, and yeah will definitely call you guys if I found myself stuck up.


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