Another cycle which is called: The Research Hype Cycle

Whenever there is an innovation trigger in the market, it is followed by a generalized process of four stages. These four stages could be named as:

  1. Peaks of Inflated Expectations
  2. Trough of Disillusionment
  3. Slope of Enlightenment
  4. Plateau of Productivity

These stages could be explained in the field of research technology in a very interesting manner. When we talk of a social media, it would be an apt example here. In the initial phase, which is the first two years, everyone wanted to be on the social media vehicle. There was seen a whole lot of potential there. In a cliche term, social media was seen as “Hot”. Every conference, academic or professional had speakers highlighting the benefits of social media.  Researchers began to deal with social media real life problems in light of social media.  However, the industry got disillusioned because the reality was not up to mark with the hype and promise created. This is when it came into the second phase of disillusionment. In the current stage, it appear be on the third stage, which is the slope of enlightenment as with regular use, the intelligent use of social media has been discovered and the users are getting to be smart users now.

The stages phenomenon could be explained similarly with the example of qualitative research over mobile phones. The great promises offered by mobile phones fell flat to satisfaction because of the different problems in context to execution which could be related to small screen size, virus, slow processing speed, short attention span of the users and so on.

In line with the above, the latest hype is the big data. There is no second thought over this, that it would be a very useful and amazing research tool. It is promising but it surely will have to go through the process of disillusionment before the enlightenment regarding its true uses is brought forth. After it reaches its third stage, this tool would become a stable and useful tool for every researcher.


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