These are two different statistical methods and are put to use for the comparison of means


ANOVA stands for the Analysis of Variance”. In the field of statistics when we compare or two or more means at the same time we use the statistical method which is called ANOVA. It gives values and results which are tested so as to determine if any significant relationship exists between the different variables. It provides a test that helps to determine if there is a relationship between the different variables.

It has been given the name ANOVA because to determine the relationship between different means, the variances have to be compared. There is special use of ANOVA because whenever there is a need to carry out multiple, two sample tests, there is an increased chance of a Type I error and ANOVA helps in mean comparison simultaneously. Another feature of this is that it can compare scales or interval variables which are also called continuous variables. There are three different models in ANOVA, they are Fixed Effect, Random Effect and Mixed Effect Model.


MANOVA is an acronym for “Multivariate Analysis of Variance” When there are multiple dependent variable then they help in the determination of the difference between either two or more dependant variables. Simultaneously, it helps in determining the differences.
THE MANOVA helps in determining if the dependant variable is getting altered by any change that is taking place in the independent variable.  It helps in also determining any type of interactions amongst the independent variables.

Thus, the differences between ANOVA and MANOVA can be understood better first by the expansion of the acronym itself. ANOVA is Analysis of Variance and MANOVA is Multivariate Analysis of Variance which means that ANOVA includes only one dependant variable and MANOVA includes multiple dependant variables. ANOVA puts into use three different models for finding out the difference in the mean. MANOVA on the other hand determines if the dependant variable gets affected significantly by the independent variable. MANOVA also helps to find out the different interactions that take place among the many dependant variables as well as among the independent variables.


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