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How to Choose a Journal for a Scientific Manuscript

OK, your research process has come onto the stage of completion, and your concern for a journal is growing. The process of selecting a journal for your manuscript should actually start before you plunge into polishing up your paper because manuscript styles may differ from journal to journal, although the general format is same throughout […]

Get Your Dissertation Approved Within Minutes With Dissertation Proposal Writing Service In Canada

Are you ready? For your master’s or doctoral degree. But wait! You will require a dissertation proposal to be proposed to your institute. No worries we can help you with that. Dissertation Canada can be a partner that will help you get your proposal accepted in minutes. We are amongst the best Dissertation Proposal Writing […]

How UK Education system is different from that of Canada

Canada and UK boasts of half of the world’s top 200 universities and they share a rich heritage of quality higher education, excellent facilities for research, and a thriving culture promoting intellectualism, meritocracy as well as academic freedom. There are many differences between the two countries regarding the university structure as well as student life. […]

Self-Edit Guide for your Dissertation

Before getting your dissertation edited by an editor, it is always efficient to self-edit the first draft of your dissertation. This ensures that you have been able to convey your ideas efficiently through your content and have not left it completely to another person. Effective self-editing can also improve your writing skills as a researcher. […]

Misconceptions about dissertation writing

Earning your PHD degree is certainly not easy. It takes significant knowledge, skill and creativity to ensure quality dissertation writing and impressing your guide. To resolve the research questions, you will require taking a step out of the boundaries of your current knowledge. You simply cannot choose any random topic or try to submit the […]

ABD? Get over ABD with our services

ABD Status: No, don’t get me wrong. I know the chronology of alphabets and have full confidence in my ABCD. And yes, I have not missed out on alphabet “C”. It is the ABD Status that sends down jitters down the spine of scholars. So what is this ABD Status?

How Candidates Can Overcome the Problems Faced During Dissertation Writing

A PhD has always been looked up as a lost and lonely road to engage candidates. While many feel isolated, others feel overly motivated. A survey conducted at University of Manchester reports that over 86% of researchers face problems with procrastination, seeking perfectionism, fear of rejection, stress and isolation. On the other hand, the annual […]