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Importance of report writing

The research study can get completed effectively but the real value of a research comes out only when an effective report is produced which explicitly depicts the results of the research.  The true skill of the researcher lies in the fact that he is able to interpret the findings of the study and link them […]

Sociometric Analysis

As the name itself is suggestive, this is a technique which has a, for its unit of analysis, a group rather than an individual. The purpose behind sociometry is to measure the choice, communication and the interpersonal relations of the people in different groups.  The analysis made on the basis of this data collected gives […]

Methods to Control Extraneous Variables

Extraneous variables are a challenge to both the internal and external validity of the experiment. Against the willingness of the research and the researcher, they tend to have an impact on the dependant variable and affect the outcome of the experiment. In the process of research, there is a need to control the extraneous variables […]

Academic help in Canada

Canada is a country that has always been popular when it comes to education. Its educational institutes have a good reputation in the world. They get students from different cultures and nationalities. The cosmopolitan and free thinking atmosphere of its educational institutes are the reason that they are so much in demand. Yes, this nation […]

Factor Analysis and KMO Bartlett’s Test

Factor Analysis is one of the most frequently used data reduction technique. There are three main reasons why this technique is used in research. The first reason for using factor analysis is to bring down the number of variables from big to small. Bring about in setting up underlying reasons and factors between the measured […]

T Tests

There are many times when the research is just not confined to one group of data. It is expanded to two groups of data and compares them. The purpose is to see if the two groups are similar or different. For this purpose T tests are often used in order to compare from two different […]

Types of Interviews for Research

There are multiple kinds of interviews that can be conducted for research. Each one of them has certain pros and cons. The selection of the technique of interview depends upon the different parameters on which the research is being conducted. Personal Interviews:  A typical type of interview that can be called a personal interview is […]

Errors in Questionnaire Based Research

There are various kinds of errors that have a greater chance of occurrence in Questionnaire based research. These four kinds of errors are: a)    Sampling Error b)    Measurement Error c)    Coverage Error d)    Non- Response Error a)    Sampling Error: This kind of error largely deals with Inadequate Sample size and non-random Sampling techniques used. b)    […]

Presentation of Research: Essentials

The ultimate goal of any researcher is to present a very crystal clear image of research. The way the research is presented, it should be both, believable and digestible for the audience.  With the objective to effectively present the findings, it is very important that the audience, the message and the medium are all matched […]

The Purpose behind Literature Review

The Literature Review is an integral part of any dissertation. It sets the foundation of the research and helps the researcher to identify the gap in existing research along with providing the complete knowledge of the related researches taken up before. The complete purpose of the Literature Review can be compiled in three folds: A) […]