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Sociometric Analysis

As the name itself is suggestive, this is a technique which has a, for its unit of analysis, a group rather than an individual. The purpose behind sociometry is to measure the choice, communication and the interpersonal relations of the people in different groups.  The analysis made on the basis of this data collected gives […]

Factor Analysis and KMO Bartlett’s Test

Factor Analysis is one of the most frequently used data reduction technique. There are three main reasons why this technique is used in research. The first reason for using factor analysis is to bring down the number of variables from big to small. Bring about in setting up underlying reasons and factors between the measured […]

Data Analysis with the help of Stata

Study design and data analysis form the two core components of any quantitative study. A great amount of effort is put into collecting data; however, all the effort goes wasted if the right tools are not employed during the analysis stage. With the advancement of technology, manual analysis is almost completely phased out and one […]