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Top 4 Steps of Qualitative Data Analysis for Dissertation

Welcome to our blog on qualitative data analysis for dissertation. We’re here to guide you through the essential steps, demystifying the methods of qualitative data analysis in dissertation. In simple terms, we’ll break down the importance of qualitative data analysis in a dissertation. Think of it as a roadmap to help you navigate and understand […]

How UK Education system is different from that of Canada

Canada and UK boasts of half of the world’s top 200 universities and they share a rich heritage of quality higher education, excellent facilities for research, and a thriving culture promoting intellectualism, meritocracy as well as academic freedom. There are many differences between the two countries regarding the university structure as well as student life. […]

Things To Do During And After Your Defense Of A Dissertation Proposal

Your dissertation proposal will be the summarisation of your motivation to conduct research on a particular topic. Once it is ready, you should present it to you advisor, who will further present it to the dissertation committee for approval. Take the time to create a presentation by organizing your research and prepare yourself for your […]

Life after PhD: Options and Avenues

A PhD programme is a long term project. On an average, it takes people about six years to complete their PhD. Before actually venturing into a project of this stature, it is a wise thought to stop for a moment and think of your plans after a PhD. A lot of scholars get into the […]

The cautious moves before a PhD

Any beginner on the path of research finds a lot of inhibitions and queries within. At the same time he finds himself getting advice from a whole lot of students, professors, counsellors, and administrator and even on line. This advice that comes from different quarters can many a times overwhelm or confuse you . from […]

What is Churn Analysis?

There is stiff competition in every industry for acquiring and retaining customers. The companies these days focus more towards the retention of the existing loyal customers so they do not get shifted towards purchasing products from other competitors in the market. Companies design and develop strategies so as to be able to identify and get […]