Emotional outbursts during the PhD tenure: How to deal with it

A burn out during research tenure is easy to find. It is simple that research is hard hence the burn out is obvious and common, the number if students who actually finish their PhD after starting are embarrassingly low. A lot if voluntary drop outs in PhD happen because students feel inadequate to handle the emotional outbursts and let them actually overpower the problem. This makes them incapable handling the problem.

Risk is involved in all researches. Development in research is imperative, even if the research fails. This should remain as the fundamental approach for all researchers.in the path of career, there are a lot of accumulated failures. In specific to research, with all the experiences from around the world, the rule of the thumb says that it takes thrice more time than expected. With this scenario, there is no choice but to make this research a part of life. The research has to be there in the background mode, without disturbing the current state of mind. Ideas click and opportunities strike when perpetually the scholar keeps the research in the subconscious with a more rational perspective. A it becomes a way of life, it becomes clearer that successful people in life are more persistent than actually brilliant.

It is unfair to expect from self a consistent rate of progress over a long time period in research. There are dark phases and phases of exhilaration. There should be self-training to digest high tolerance for low scores. Do not paralyse self with unrealistic high leads.

Another important aspect to deal with emotional outbursts is to begin the day with constructive work which is productive in real sense of the word. If the day is begun with work that is unimportant, largely you would never be able to do anything that is more productive.

Researchers need to deal with the emotional outbursts of research. There are two perspectives or approaches that can be adopted here. The first approach can be the drive, developing a real passion for the problem. You are into doing your work because you know there couldn’t be another way to live. A lot of researchers follow that approach and live that way. But sometimes, it does lead to a burn out for some.  Another approach could be to enjoy it. Research can be fun. The right problem in research can be taken as play and the process can be enjoyed. There needs to be a balance between work and the seriousness with which it needs to be taken.

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