Formatting the Final Dissertation

If we properly follow certain steps and work around in a structured manner, it is possible to format the PhD thesis in a simple and easy manner. We can split the entire task into ten  phases. They can largely be:

  1. Phase 1: One should have a concrete chosen topic with relevant notes on the topic
  2. Phase 2:  The notes need to be organised at this stage so an outline of the notes should be created
  3. Phase 3:  The outline of the dissertation thesis should be created. It  is basically a roadmap which tells how the dissertation has to be written and organised
  4. Phase 4: Gather and compile the research facts that are supportive of the views and opinions of the researcher.  This is important to substantiate the research
  5. Phase 5: Each university and professor may have specific instructions and guidelines for formatting. The guidelines given by them should be adhered to specifically while maintain the essence of the content.
  6. Phase 6: These following parts should compulsorily include in the dissertation thesis:
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Body of the thesis( Literature Review)
  • Results of the test
  • Research Methodology
  • Terminology details
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • List of references
  • Appendix
  1. Phase 7: Create a very strong introduction and conclusion chapter.  Add essence to it
  2. Phase 8:  Before writing the final thesis, write a rough draft so that all the changes can be incorporated
  3. Phase 9: the students should do self-proofreading and editing and also take help and assistance from professional sources if required for the same.
  4. Phase 10: eventually exclusively  complete  time should be given to the dissertation so as to come out with satisfactory results

Some keys for writing a strong Introduction

  • Have a strong topic, have enough information  and attraction to grad the interest of the reader
  • There should a thesis statement which includes the main subject and dissertation
  • The introduction should give an overview of all that will be discussed in the paper
  • It is suggestive that the introduction of the thesis be written in the end, after having completed the rest of the document so that it can give a holistic picture. It also helps to prepare the reader for what to expect in the entire paper


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