How to become a more Accountable Writer?

As we travel up the academic ladder, the accountability demanded for writing goes down greatly. Lack of accountability means less productivity. In order to become more prolific writers, it is important to be become accountable in life.

Students at graduate school are often accountable and they live up to submission deadlines for projects and events. However, in the higher level even more accountability is demanded, perhaps even on the daily basis.

These days there are various social groups and online sites where you can meet like-minded people who are supportive and motivating and with whom you could share your daily accomplishments.

Scholars and writers are seen joining the accountability groups on Facebook and even sometimes have accountability partners whom they call in stipulated time to discuss accomplishments and achievements. It helps as a motivating factor and a consistent support.

Accountability is helpful in many areas of life but there are ways by which one can incorporate accountability in life. Some of the ways are:

  1.  Create an online group or join an existing group. There are many free or paid platforms available where this initiative could be taken.
  2. Make an accountability partner to whom you could send mails at pre decided intervals with work updates and get motivated from each other’s progress.
  3. Pen down your daily accomplishments in terms of the number of words you wrote or the amount of time you spent writing. This should be done without flaws. It is up to an individual whether to make it public by using a social networking site or keep it a private record.
  4. Make a phone accountability partner. It is important to speak out your achievements or lack of them to someone; it is more effective than writing them down.
  5.   Create your own writing group with likeminded people. This is where they get together and share drafts and offer constructive criticism of each other’s work.
  6.  You could develop your own creative ideas for being more accountable for your work. It is proven that accountability does improve productivity.

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