How to Make Literature Review Effective

Literature review is an important chapter of your dissertation and needs special attention. It not only helps you in demonstrating your knowledge of the previous work done in your study area, but also helps you in placing your own research within that context. It makes you display the importance and contribution of your study to your academic field. Thus, you need to devote some good time while writing the literature review chapter of your dissertation. You may start by understanding the aim of literature review that you would do in your project.

Your review of literature should sufficiently reflect on the gaps in research. It should also justify what you are doing in your project. It is not simply a summary of the past research work done in your area, but is also a thorough evaluation of that work. If there were any type of controversies in the past research, your literature review should provide its overview. Along with this, the review of literature should focus on showing the similarities and differences in the previous work. This further helps you contextualize your study with a background of these discussed similarities and differences.

When you gain a proper understanding of all such purposes of writing literature review, you will be able to recognize, analyze and interpret the significant themes present in previous literature. You will also be able to link them to the focus of your own study. Making such connections among various studies and integrating them leads you to come up with an effective chapter on literature review. It supports you to make space for your own research work. A well-organized review of literature is always focused. You should make it concise and comprehensive while being original and critical to some extent. This makes you develop an impressive review of literature.

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