Importance of report writing

The research study can get completed effectively but the real value of a research comes out only when an effective report is produced which explicitly depicts the results of the research.  The true skill of the researcher lies in the fact that he is able to interpret the findings of the study and link them effectively with the proposition and the hypotheses that have been established in the beginning of the study. The report is more than just the statistical or qualitative summary of the result in term of just numbers. IT calls for also being a documented version of the research endeavour.  Each research report has a very distinctive purpose to itself and there is a lot of subjectivity in each report.  It is important and conclusive to all reports because of the following reasons:

It serves the task of being a very concrete proof of the study that has been started. It becomes the foundation and benchmark for any future work that has to be carried on in the specific area of this existing work.

It is supposed to be a detailed version of the complete study that has been undertaken by the researcher. It has to have a very comprehensive and objective framework. It is to be remembered that a report is a one way communication from the end of the researcher and hence it has to be all inclusive so that all possible questions that can occur in the mind of the reader have an answer in the report. To add to it , it should also have a very neutral perspective.

The report has to become a guiding light for future researchers to draw ideas about their research and also for the managers who can use the analysis presented in the report in order tp take decisions about their company.

Often the authenticity of the research work is in question, particularly when it has to be used for critical decision making. The report documentation is a step by step process of the research work thus serves as a proof of its genuineness and authenticity and gives the confidence to the users of the report that their decisions are based on a reliable foundation.

Thus, effective recording of the results in the form of a report is not only integral but also crucial.


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