Misconceptions about dissertation writing

Earning your PHD degree is certainly not easy. It takes significant knowledge, skill and creativity to ensure quality dissertation writing and impressing your guide. To resolve the research questions, you will require taking a step out of the boundaries of your current knowledge. You simply cannot choose any random topic or try to submit the research in haste. It will simply result in you wasting your precious time. Additionally, there are certain misconceptions associated with dissertation writing, which can hinder in your research preparation progress. Know about the common misconceptions and know that they are actually not valid.

Misconception 1: You need to devote all your time for creative research
Even though creative research is a long term process still that does not mean that you have live like a hermit and do nothing but just remain devoted to your research paper. We all try solving research questions differently. It takes time, experience and creativity. But losing sleep on it or ignoring your social life and family is not required. In fact, to prepare your research paper well and ensure great dissertation writing, you need to sleep well, mix up with your friends and keep yourself refreshed. Simply keep aside a time frame when you will work on your dissertation, say in the morning and evening for 5 hours. The rest of the time you can spend as you please.

Misconception 2: You need to have a sense of where you are going with your research from the start
Do you know that the beauty of doing research and writing dissertation is that you explore unexplored boundaries and try to figure out something which no one done before? Here, predicting the outcome beforehand is virtually impossible. What you actually need doing is asking questions, as many as possible. Now, you need to get answers to know step by step. Do not try to figure out the outcome beforehand. Let your research take you by surprise and ensure a great outcome.

Misconception 3: You need not get influenced by anyone
Even though dissertation writing should be unique, this does not mean that you cannot study other good research of your field. Do you know that reading research papers will significantly enhance your creativity? Read down different papers and try noting down few questions or possibilities for your future research. You are sure to come up with dissertation writing that is creative, unique and absolutely brilliant!

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