Things To Do During And After Your Defense Of A Dissertation Proposal

Your dissertation proposal will be the summarisation of your motivation to conduct research on a particular topic. Once it is ready, you should present it to you advisor, who will further present it to the dissertation committee for approval. Take the time to create a presentation by organizing your research and prepare yourself for your […]

Start Better and Have Fewer Regrets!

1. At this juncture of my PhD when I have seen it all, there have been accomplishments and disappointments. When I go back and reflect on my journey, so far I want to share my thoughts that might be useful for everyone, especially for the ones who have just started. I feel this would help […]

Identifying Important Parts of a Research

A research study or a thesis is one of the most essential steps in achieving a successful PhD. When you embark on the mission of creating your study, make sure to take special care in the creation of a few extremely important parts of the research. If the important parts are done well, more than […]

What to Do After Thesis Submission?

There is often a dilemma in terms of which path to take, after handing over the PhD. First and foremost is to be prepared for the PhD blues of some or the other sorts. Mostly , after having given the VIVA, there is a short term sense of elation, but the feeling doesn’t last for […]

Various Sources of Data Collection-For a Refined Study

Data’s are the collection of some evocative numbers associated on the basis of certain defined parameters. A collection of data’s has a significant role and is an integral part of the research work. It reveals up past records, shows variations throughout its acknowledgement, assist in analytical study of the figures and helps in deciding factors […]