SPSS and Excel: Differences

SPSS is software that has been used for doing statistical analysis with ease. Along with the analysis part, it is also useful for data access and preparation, graphics, modelling and analytical reporting. At the time that this software was launched, it was called the statistical package for social sciences. Soon after its release in the […]

Actionable Research is not a Choice Anymore

An actionable research is pertinent to the students of management. These studies can put into exercise by the managers theoretically as well as instrumentally so as to be able to guide upcoming action. It is imperative that such research has the ability to deliver a certain degree of understanding and information that can be practically […]

How to Make Literature Review Effective

Literature review is an important chapter of your dissertation and needs special attention. It not only helps you in demonstrating your knowledge of the previous work done in your study area, but also helps you in placing your own research within that context. It makes you display the importance and contribution of your study to […]

Education has its basis in research

Education needs to be based upon something. If it is not based upon research and evidence, then there are good chances it would run the risk of bring based upon dogmas, prejudice, biasedness, convenience, theory nor some other concept. How much ever we dislike, we have to agree that education is a political football and […]

How to do a good survey

Knowing the needs of the clients, in the current times, is the key to success in business. It is important for everyone, from news media, political parties, business organisations, government agencies to know what is going on in the minds of the people. Not only this, there is a need to explore within the organisation, […]

New techniques in Research for Humanities

Before understanding and exploring new techniques in humanities research, it is important to explore terminologies like “Method” and “Research” in context to humanities. The word Method particularly raises some issues of its own. A method in basic language is a procedure or to be more specific a system of classification where disposition of material has […]

How to avail dissertation writing services in Canada?

Most students who are pursuing their MBA or Master’s will face the challenge of completing their dissertation within time. While dissertation is the stepping stone to success in your academic career, it is also one of the toughest steps to cross this hurdle and come out successful. Many students succumb to the pressure and end […]

Use of Metaphor in Academic English

Metaphors are powerful cognitive tools in English language. The purpose of metaphors in the educational setting is to simplify the knowledge for the learners that is in abstract terms. Gestures are the material carriers of thought and they work on representing abstract concepts into a visual mode. Speakers often draw on multimodal resources and they […]

Coding and its relevance in research

The process by which we identify and denote a numeral to the responses that have been given by the respondent is called the coding.  The main purpose behind doing the coding is that it helps to facilitate the researchers use so that the answers can be interpreted, classified and recorded from the questionnaire onto the […]