Learning Styles

The higher education follows the tendency to throw babies out with bath water. It is a dualistic approach. Either something is right or wrong, in or out, up or down. We as thinkers with a mature perspective deny the acceptance of these dual perspectives and find the simplicity very difficult to resist. They make the […]

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is applied when measurement of certain phenomena in quantitative terms is not possible. It finds much use in social science, psychology and market research. Research into human behavior and motivation rely much on qualitative methods. Qualitative research aims to understand why and how of a phenomenon, as opposed to the what, where and […]

Giving Value for Money

A good academic support company gives value for money. Many firms are confident in the quality of their services. They know that they can meet the demand of the students. That is why they even offer refunds in case the student is not satisfied. Students have an option of choosing one among many academic services […]

Need for expert guidance at PhD level

Earning a PhD degree is not easy as you have to ensure that your thesis is full-proof and has an ability to arouse historical interest in learners as well as researchers’ mind. For doing this, you have to work on your communication, writing, time-management and various other skills. But remember that in order to come […]

How to skim the literature?

Are you done with scanning literature for your research paper? If yes, then the next step would be to skim the identified works to decide what materials you will use. The term skimming refers to the act of identifying the important ideas contained in a text. Unlike scanning which helps you identify potential information to […]

Experimental VS Non-Experimental Studies

A scientific investigation or study is undertaken to answer some specific question or hypothesis. Such questions may concern whether certain conditions, events or situations cause particular behaviors or events or if certain conditions or events occur together in time. Scientific methods are designed to minimize the biases that affect subjective opinion. In this article, I […]

Data Analysis with the help of Stata

Study design and data analysis form the two core components of any quantitative study. A great amount of effort is put into collecting data; however, all the effort goes wasted if the right tools are not employed during the analysis stage. With the advancement of technology, manual analysis is almost completely phased out and one […]