Presentation of Research: Essentials

The ultimate goal of any researcher is to present a very crystal clear image of research. The way the research is presented, it should be both, believable and digestible for the audience.  With the objective to effectively present the findings, it is very important that the audience, the message and the medium are all matched correctly.

a)      Thorough Understanding of the Audience: The job a researcher is similar to the job of a designer. Like a designer who customizes his dress according to the client the researcher needs to understand for whom the research is being undertaken. Before finalising on a presentation method, it’s important to know who is the audience, what is the relationship with the audience, what is the industry of the project and what will be the development cycle in which the research has to be adopted.

b)      Summary: An executive summary is easy to create and helpful in highlighting the important details and aids in avoiding jargons. It is important that the executive summary has the following things incorporated:

  • A brief description of the goal , methodology and the demographics
  • Key findings of the research
  • Metrics studies and task success ratings
  • Recommendations for the next step forward.

If the audience is a larger community, the approach becomes slightly different.  The report or the summary in such a case should be more comprehensive to incorporate the variety and varied degrees of involvement of the reader.

c)       Credibility Factors:  The credibility for any research has to be established. It is much easier to say than do this. To generate positive acceptance from the audience, the best way to do it is to present the research in a way that it makes sense to the audience. The credibility of research has a direct co relation with the faith that the stakeholders put in the research methods.

d)      Handling Expectations: the information that is to be delivered to the audience should be so done in a timely fashion with clear explanation of the key findings. Time should be spared to generate a report of the research with as much information as possible. It helps the audience to revisit the findings anytime in the future as well.

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