Problems Encountered by Researchers in Third World Countries

Absence of Scientific Training: The research methodology adopted is not systematic in nature and many of the researchers undertake the work without true and detailed knowledge of the methods used in it. The procedure followed is to identify similar studies and copy the methodology that has been used in that research. Sometimes even the research guides lack the adequate knowledge and do not know of new techniques and adaptation in research. The scenario demands that some kind of short term training is imparted to the researcher for taking up research based activities.

Lack of sufficient Interaction: There are no rules laid down ensuring and enhancing proper interaction between the researchers and related government institutions or business houses. Because of this a large amount of data goes untapped. It is important that regular interaction programmes are organised between the researcher and institutions. It helps in identifying how the research will be useful and what the data requirements are.

Low Self Confidence:  A lot of business houses, keep this opinion that researchers tend to misuse the data that is given to them. Because of this poor impression, they are reluctant in giving out the details of their company for the purpose of research. Thus, a lot of important information, needed by the researcher is not offered to him. Initiatives should be taken to build the confidence building measures so as to encourage business houses to offer data to researchers without hesitation and constraints.

Absence of Code of Conduct: The regulatory authorities have not laid down any specific code of conduct. This more than often leads to rivalries within the departments and universities also.

Insufficient assistance and Library Management:  There is a dearth of timely assistant services in India. This leads to delay and procrastination of work at the end of the researcher. To add to it, the libraries in India are not very well managed. A lot of time the researcher wastes in identifying the needed books or journals rather than actually reading them.

High Publishing Cost: The reputed international journals have a very high publishing cost which is difficult to bear for the researcher. Because of this many researchers shy away from taking up research work.

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