Reasons for choosing Marketing Research as a lucrative career option

Though not known well, Marketing Research is growing fast and found to be a very interesting option. There are many reasons for which choosing Marketing Research as a career can be a good choice.

  1. It is a fascinating career: It is a very fascinating intersection of marketing along with consumer psychology. For those who find the designing new products, understanding their usage  and go in the depth of the reasons why people make or do not make a particular purchase may find this career option as truly fascinating.
  2. It is a respected and valued profession:  The researchers get value from both, the companies as well as the consumers. Since, the nature of the work is strategic in nature and the opinion of the researcher is valued by the decision makers and that indeed is a morale booster.
  3. Astonishingly Strategic: Often when people think of research they consider it to be a boring data analysis job. Though researchers are expected to be comfortable with numbers but most often the nature of their work has a strategic bent to it. The researchers are involved in strategic decision making on day to day basis and they contribute significantly in shaping the future of the company.
  4. Results are easy to see:  The results from the outcome of the marketing research decision making have a very tangible result. The opinions and suggestions of the researchers that get accepted and implemented show their result in the time to come and researcher is in a position for self-appraisal and learning.
  5. Offers work life balance: These days the work environment gives a whole lot of work related challenges and they require their employees to work over the weekend. However, looking at the nature of marketing research, there are no emergencies in it and the workload is relatively more reasonable as compared to other industries. This is largely because most of the work is on project basis.
  6. Intellectual stimulation: A lot of critical thinking is needed for a research based job and the researcher does feel challenged intellectually and gives a sense of achievement to have solved a problem and give fruitful results.
  7. An upcoming sector: It is a booming field and if statistics are to be believed, the industry is expected to grow 41% by 2020 internationally. This may happen, more so as the big data is increasing and there is more than ever need to understand the consumers and go in detail of their buying process.




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