Switching fields in PhD, is it a good idea?

It may be tricky to start a PhD in a field that is different from your previous specialisation of courses. For those who are good at transitions between fields, it may still be feasible option but certainly not simple.

It is surely possible that interests change with time and it is natural to face a change in interests and come out with your true passion after having done a lot of work in a specific area. Sometimes people do spend a lot of time and effort in one area of research and much later discover their interests and passion lying in another area.

Taking up a PhD in altogether a new filed of interest would call for a drastic change in the focus of research.  Is it a wise idea to switch fields at this later sage of academic life? Well, the answer may be subjective and would depend on not one but many factors.

First and fore mostly make sure it isn’t an impulsive choice and you have given a deep thought to your decision for a long time. If you are really persistent about change, these questions would be haunting you all the time for a long phase:

  1. I cannot address the problems of my current field
  2. I can handle problems better in my area of passion

Secondly, go in depth study about the breadth of your field of study. Before finalising the switch over, do ensure to study this in detail.

Doing an understanding of these would help to galvanize the nascent interests in field changing. You would surely get there if your determination is strong and your passions for your chosen field remain to kindle and flourish in spite of all the odds and challenges that you may be aware of. After all life is all about following your dreams

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