The Importance of Following a Documentation Style

In academic writing, you are usually asked to follow a specific documentation style while developing your paper. It is actually a standard approach for the way you cite your references in a document. A specific style is not only applicable to citing resources, but also to format every aspect ranging from margins to headings. When you use a specific documentation style like APA, you are making your document standardized for those target readers who are used to read other papers written and formatted in the same style.

Sometimes, your research guide suggests you to follow a particular style for writing your dissertation. This generally happens when this style is used in your specific academic discipline. Many disciplines follow a standard approach for the development of research documents. Thus, this reason also makes it important to standardize your documents for readers in a particular academic discipline. When you are asked to follow a style, you should ensure to apply it consistently. Your documentation style additionally helps you to provide due credit to your referred sources. This also makes it easier and organized for readers to locate those sources.

Thus, this standard way of writing and formatting is critical to follow when you develop a dissertation. If your academic institution or instructor has asked you to follow a given professional style, then you should go with that style. Else, you may make a choice based on your academic discipline. Consult researchers in your field about the specific style that is followed in your academic field. For example, a humanities paper may follow the APA style of writing while a medical paper may follow the MLA style. Thus, choose a style accordingly. If there are multiple styles followed by different sources in your academic field and your instructor may not ask you to follow a specific style, then go with your own choice of style that is also prevalent in your subject area.

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