Tips to Avoid Ill-Advices on Writing Dissertations

While you pursue your PhD, there are many advices which will pour in for you. However, you need to ensure that you don’t lend your ears to any such ill-advice which might hamper your speed or come as a destruction. So let’s discuss a few points here to avoid any such situation:

1) Ensure you meet the PhD requirements for your institution
“You should always ensure that you follow the requirements of your institutions. Hence no matter what the other person say, you need to stick to the terms and conditions of what your university says. This way, you wont give time to unnecessary talks and discussions buzzing round the corner.

2) Keep your own perspective with you
Keep the perspective of your thesis in your own hands. Take your PhD as an apprenticeship.

3) Put your introduction at last
Bring a little change to your report by putting introduction and conclusion together at end. This will help to tie the thesis together.

4) Use apps
Follow certain apps that can guide your better. There is an app that allows you to create ‘boards’ where you can pin all your outstanding tasks, with deadlines and creative ideas.

5) Address the unanswered questions
Take the initiative if answering the unanswered questions. If there are unanswered questions, don’t ever ignore them. Draw your attention to them to ensure you have your own conclusion.

6) Checking your facts
When your brain is too tired, don’t waste time to talks and unnecessary discussions, but check quotations, or bibliography etc so you’re don’t stand still at one point but continue making progress.

7) Get feedback on entire thesis
At times you should ask for feedback for your thesis. However, you might get it on individual chapters. But see if you could get it for the entire thesis. This way, you will get a right direction and you will not fall to ill-advises.

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