Various Sources of Data Collection-For a Refined Study

Data’s are the collection of some evocative numbers associated on the basis of certain defined parameters. A collection of data’s has a significant role and is an integral part of the research work. It reveals up past records, shows variations throughout its acknowledgement, assist in analytical study of the figures and helps in deciding factors responsible for its distinction. Scholars are supposed to intervene and decide the appropriate source of data collection according to their research work and questions decided. Optionally, there are primary data and secondary data or a combination of both known as dual data study.

Primary data – These are first hand data’s that are collected directly by the researcher. Various primary data include-

  • Interview – Personal and group interviews are taken to gather facts and figures from the interviewee.
  • Ethnographic analysis – It is used to study the cultural variations throughout the demography.
  • Longitudinal investigation – Study on the same subject is done repeatedly over the passage of time.
  • Action research – It is preferred to solve some existing problem or sign of any expected problem with the action indeed. 
  • Questionnaire – A series of question is prepared and is distributed among respondents to analyze different responses to the same question.

Secondary data – These are second data’s that are pre-existing and is then collected by the researchers.

  • Official data – These are mainly used to check the previous financial records and goodwill of the company.
  • Diaries – Earlier entries in the journals and data notes are used to evaluate the background of the research topic.
  • Letters – Mainly used for qualitative investigation of the matter.

Dual data study – Uses both the approach of assessment, and is also known as triangulation of data. It analyzes the matter from the 3-D loom of being, instance and place.

Furthermore, these data’s should be coarse, true and genuine for a relevant study.

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