What are the types of Interview methods that are used for Data collection?

Interviews are one of the key means of data collection which is primary data.The data that is collected gives more detailed information and it helps in in depth analysis. Interviews can be of varied types. These are:

  1. According to Formality: These are formal interviews and has a set of well-defined questions that have been presented by the interviewer. The noting down of the answers has to be in predefined manner. In this kind of interview, the interviewer has full authority to do the required modifications and alterations in the set of questions.
  2. According to the Number of interviewee:  This category is on the basis of the number of people interviewed. In a situation where at a point of time, a single person us interviewed a very close contact between the interviewer and interviewee is established. However it is not a technique that is pocket friendly and gives intimate and personal information about the interviewee. The second category here can be group interview where two or more persons are interviewed at the same time. This is useful when too much of personal information about the respondent is not needed and the researcher is conscious of the monetary and time factors. The information in this kind of interview is of a very superficial nature.
  3. According to the Purpose: As the name itself is indicative, these interviews are customized on the basis of the task they have to accomplish. The diagnostic interviews help in knowing the different causes of the topic of study and are often seen to be used in clinical psychology. Treatment interviews are conducted at a stage where the diagnosis is done and the line of treatment to be chosen has to be identified. Research interview and interview of curiosity are again purpose based interviews that are conducted on the basis of the purpose of the research.
  4. According to the contact period:  There can be short lived and prolonged interviews, they are dependent upon the detail that is required and how much time would be needed to collect the desired information.
  5. According to Subject Manner:   Whether the data needed is of qualitative or quantitative nature determines the type of interview. The qualitative interviews involve the non-quantifiable subject matters and the Quantitative Interviews state the facts state facts for large number of persons.

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