What to Do After Thesis Submission?

There is often a dilemma in terms of which path to take, after handing over the PhD. First and foremost is to be prepared for the PhD blues of some or the other sorts. Mostly , after having given the VIVA, there is a short term sense of elation, but the feeling doesn’t last for long, as people expect before, because usually, the VIVA comes with a set of suggestive corrections and rather than it being a climax, it comes up to be anti-climax. More often than not, it takes away the sense of accomplishment and rather brings in a sense of failure as often the researcher is expected to rewrite or remodel the thesis in a way, to make it fit for publication. Apart from that, by the time you submit your thesis, you are conditioned to work endlessly on daily basis researching and writing and working towards an important goal. Submission of thesis can suddenly take away that task from you making you feel like having a void or dullness in your life.

This being a common characteristic of the process of PhD, one should not take the sense of loss as a serious matter and take the corrections and rewriting a work as a part of the process. For those newly earned PhDs who wish to continue their career in academia, there are few options to choose from:

  1. Early Career Fellowship
  2. Postdoctoral Fellowship
  3. Teaching Fellowship
  4. Associate Professorship

Managing part time or short term roles with the hopes and expectations to be able to earn for them a full time permanent faculty position is a challenging aspiration of the new PhDs. The current financial climate does not permit full time permanent role immediately. A lot of post doctoral, in the formative months, after having completed their PhD are seen performing part time roles at least for the first few months such as being an assistant to others research projects. Earning a full time permanent position may take a lot of time and don’t get disheartened with a plenty of rejections before you finally hit success. The best part is you only need one job so the key is to not get disheartened and discouraged but to rather toughen up for yet another rocky rollercoaster ride ahead.

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