A PhD graduate from Dubai-based university becomes the first to win Anwar Al-Nouri prize

Amira Husein Traish becomes the first student from British University in Dubai to win Anwar Al-Nouri prize for her thesis of 55, 000 words. Her thesis titled as “A Comparative Analysis of Proficiency Scores of University Students in the United Arab Emirates: The Effectiveness of Using a First Language When Teaching a Second Language in a Reading Class” stands successfully in impressing the examining committee. The reason what judges liked the most about the thesis is that it shed limelight on the language. In many institutions at UAE, she observed that how the first language is used to teach the second language which is often considered wrong by many. Thus, her research suggests that it is not wrong but in fact, there is a need to implement a better approach to both learning and teaching. Her thesis and research are so compelling that she became the first awardee of Anwar Al-Nouri Prize which credits the researcher for adding significant value to the existing knowledge.Being the foundation coordinator of the English Language Centre at Sharjah University, she wants to continue collaborating with research to contribute canon focusing on better learning of languages.