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Errors Affecting Data Analysis

Albert Einstein says, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. Well! Einstein is not wrong in saying this. Getting the real quintessence of any figure and amplifying it is the basic constraint for a successful dissertation and its findings. Also, any violation in identifying figures will cause not only copious […]

Things To Do During And After Your Defense Of A Dissertation Proposal

Your dissertation proposal will be the summarisation of your motivation to conduct research on a particular topic. Once it is ready, you should present it to you advisor, who will further present it to the dissertation committee for approval. Take the time to create a presentation by organizing your research and prepare yourself for your […]

What are the types of Interview methods that are used for Data collection?

Interviews are one of the key means of data collection which is primary data.The data that is collected gives more detailed information and it helps in in depth analysis. Interviews can be of varied types. These are: According to Formality: These are formal interviews and has a set of well-defined questions that have been presented […]