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What is Churn Analysis?

There is stiff competition in every industry for acquiring and retaining customers. The companies these days focus more towards the retention of the existing loyal customers so they do not get shifted towards purchasing products from other competitors in the market. Companies design and develop strategies so as to be able to identify and get […]

The relevance of Pilot Studies

In the field of social sciences, the word pilot study is used in two different ways. Another way of explaining this pilot study is that they are called feasibility studies. They are in fact the small scale versions which are a preparation of the major study. At the same time, they are the test run […]

Clustering: What does it mean?

The most unverified learning problem can be called Clustering. Like all other problem of similar nature, it focusses on exploring a structure in a compiled data that is unlabelled. A very novice definition of clustering would be the process by which organising objects into groups which has members that have similarities in some or the […]

Education has its basis in research

Education needs to be based upon something. If it is not based upon research and evidence, then there are good chances it would run the risk of bring based upon dogmas, prejudice, biasedness, convenience, theory nor some other concept. How much ever we dislike, we have to agree that education is a political football and […]

Use of Metaphor in Academic English

Metaphors are powerful cognitive tools in English language. The purpose of metaphors in the educational setting is to simplify the knowledge for the learners that is in abstract terms. Gestures are the material carriers of thought and they work on representing abstract concepts into a visual mode. Speakers often draw on multimodal resources and they […]

Methods to Control Extraneous Variables

Extraneous variables are a challenge to both the internal and external validity of the experiment. Against the willingness of the research and the researcher, they tend to have an impact on the dependant variable and affect the outcome of the experiment. In the process of research, there is a need to control the extraneous variables […]

Academic help in Canada

Canada is a country that has always been popular when it comes to education. Its educational institutes have a good reputation in the world. They get students from different cultures and nationalities. The cosmopolitan and free thinking atmosphere of its educational institutes are the reason that they are so much in demand. Yes, this nation […]

Sensitive Information through Questionnaire

There might often be situations when the question to be asked to the respondent would be embarrassing to the respondent and they have some kind of discomfort in talking about or revealing the data that is required. The added negative impact of this would be that sometimes the respondent may lose interest in the questionnaire […]

Learning Styles

The higher education follows the tendency to throw babies out with bath water. It is a dualistic approach. Either something is right or wrong, in or out, up or down. We as thinkers with a mature perspective deny the acceptance of these dual perspectives and find the simplicity very difficult to resist. They make the […]