Different techniques of writing a dissertation proposal

Dissertation proposal is the initial step of dissertation writing and hence, should be completed with due care. It can be considered to be a small and yet vital portion of dissertation. Students are required to submit dissertation proposal to the University for Approval, after which they can continue with their research work. If the review committee rejects the dissertation proposal, then the student needs to draft a new proposal and submit for approval. A dissertation proposal can be rejected for a number of reasons, some of which include – poor grammar, vocabulary, lack of accuracy in data, inappropriate use of research methodologies, poor sentence structure and many more.

In order to submit a perfect dissertation proposal, students should consider a number of things.

  • Dissertation proposal should be about the topic in precise, and not in detail. It should be concise, clear and accurate.
  • Before starting writing a dissertation proposal, students should get familiarized with the rules and guidelines of dissertation proposal writing.
  • Students should not get deviated from the topic. The consistency of the topic should be maintained throughout the dissertation proposal.

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