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Have you completed all the coursework's of dissertation and obtained the All But Dissertation (ABD) status?  In your dissertation course, you are required to provide a Concept Paper (CP).  Concept paper is usually the first stage of the dissertation which once approved can take you towards the dissertation and get a doctorate.

We have assisted many candidates with our concept paper writing service and have a simple rule to share with all. Get hold of 10 relevant research paper related to your area of study, assimilate the future research thoughts from there and take that as your research objectives. Over the years, we have found this method to work pretty well with candidates and many have been able to start the process from there on even without our assistance.

However, we offer end to end PhD concept paper assistance. Since this is the first stage of dissertation, we remain ready to help you with selection of the topic, developing a theme, identifying research gaps and further with writing assistance on this paper. Concept paper has to be done meticulously, since it will make the first impression with your committee. Presentation, academic rigor and formatting is normally what we review first before sending out a final version to our clients.