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Dissertation Help Service in Canada

At Dissertation Canada, our primary business activity is to help doctoral candidates with their dissertation help services. However, we keep ourselves limited to the ethical part of it. We do not write complete chapters or do ghost-writing for dissertations. Since we were founded in 2009, we have been involved in consulting candidates to clear the air around dissertation and provide the direction to steer through this process. We have an enviable team for Dissertation Help in house who further manages many contractual consultants to be able to render help to candidates in almost every domain of study. Management, Accounts, Social sciences, Science, Information technology, Life Sciences, Bio technology, Political Science, History and Aviation are some of the topics we research in normal course. But do not worry, if your area of study does not fall in above list, we may still be able to help you in editing and statistical portion of the study.

While most of us telecommute to work and consult our clients on Skype and email, if you wish to have an in person meeting, we can also organise for the same. On demand, we do provide non-disclosure agreements, while the data privacy and security policy is listed on the website. Since, we follow flexible working environment, we remain available outside the normal working hours in Canada. With our clients coming from East Coast, Europe and other parts of world, we have been able to adjust our schedules to match theirs and offer the Dissertation help service in Canada they require.

We usually prefer to work with candidates, right from concept paper stage to the proposal and further on with the dissertation. This ensures effective collaboration and also the financials work out well for our clients. We would ask many questions related to you and your interests before the consulting starts and hence request our client’s to be prepared to share all relevant details. Also, since the quote will be based on the expertise required and number of hours expected to complete the work, we may put up questions, will you provide us with data in soft format, what are you current writing skills and can you run tests on SPSS?

Some of our clients prefer a monthly invoicing system for our dissertation help service in Canada wherein we decide on the rate per hour of consulting and bill every month basis the number of hours spent in consulting. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.