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Dissertation proposal is a document which is prepared at usually the second stage of your doctoral course. Herein, most candidates are required to complete the first three chapters of the dissertation which usually is referred to as the proposal.

So you are ready to start on the proposal; how do you proceed? It is true that your proposal will typically follow a logical chain of reasoning from problem to literature review to methods section. However, depending on circumstances, the process of its preparation may start in any sequence and at times may originate from various sections.

While the process may differ, the central task of proposal preparation is to transform a personal interest into a researchable problem. During the proposal development, you may draft, redraft, move from problem analysis to method consideration and reiterate this process till your committee is satisfied on the same.

At Dissertation Canada, we provide Dissertation Proposal Writing Service in Canada which can be packaged under the following heads:

  1. Dissertation Proposal Consulting: Helping with identifying the topic, which method to choose, how to address the comments from your supervisor and developmental editing is included.
  2. Dissertation Proposal Writing: A lot of candidates have their idea in mind, however, face blocks to write it and if you can explain us the idea and method of research you wish to follow, we can draft the proposal for you and also carry out the edits in writing if required as per the feedback received.

Please get it touch with us at info@dissertationcanada.com for a quote of your requirement or if you have more questions regarding our Dissertation Proposal Help in Canada.