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Writing a literature review requires in depth study of the references, which will form the basis for your current research work. When you approach us for a literature review writing service, it can be as a part of the entire dissertation assistance package, or as an individual dissertation chapter service. The key purpose of undertaking literature review is to derive a research gap and subsequently set up research objectives. Our researchers and consultants offer in-depth and accurate literature review writing service in Canada which can help scholars embark on their research journey.

As the first step, we start with assessing your topic and then go out in search of books and journals that will be the most suitable for the topic. The key aim of the literature review chapter is to develop a solid research gap after reviewing previous studies which can be deployed for your research.

Since we have a team that has been working on doctoral research for over a decade, we are familiar with the type of references that are used for various subjects. More importantly, we also know what you must avoid. There might be hundreds of journals that are related to the topic that you are studying; however, all of them will not be relevant or contribute towards developing your research gap. Selecting reliable, updated and pertinent resources is the first step; the actual review consists of finding out how each one of them will relate to your work. We make a comparative analysis, stating which references support your theory and which ones refute it. A literature review can be of the following types:

  • Narrative literature review
  • Systematic literature review
  • Meta analysis using Revman
  • Focused literature review
  • Annotated Literature review

The type of review and the style that will be followed for the format has to be specified by the client. We follow various citation styles like APA, Turabian, MLA, ACS and Chicago for referencing purposes while writing the literature review. We can follow alphabetical order, chronological order or group the references according to the relation that they have with your work. We can also include a table for listing of the references at the end of the chapter.

When we prepare the literature review, we also provide a list of the references which have been included in the chapter to enable cross checking and preparation of bibliography. In fact, we work in collaboration with our clients and take inputs for references. You can speak to our writers and discuss the work, and give your feedback, as well. Make a request for a sample literature review chapter, or simply mail us your requirements and we shall update you with a no obligation quote for writing the literature review chapter.