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Methodology chapter is the foundation on which the complete research structure rests. In-fact, various academicians are of the view that a profound research methodology section means that almost two-third part of the study has been effectively accomplished. This is one chapter which decides the course of action for the complete research, and whether or not the objectives of the study would be accomplished. As the chapter is quite vital to the overall effectiveness of the research, hence it is also one of the most critiqued chapter by the mentors and supervisors. Dissertation Canada enables you to address this crucial chapter in the most suitable manner, which ensures successful delivery of the complete research.

Methodology chapter has to mainly focus on two key aspects –

  • 1.) What is the nature of data that needs to be collected, and how you would collect the same?
  • 2.) How the data so collected would be analyzed and interpreted?

Our research associates, guide and advise you on how you can address these points, and ensure that the methodology is in sync with the overall objectives of the research. The methodology adopted in the research needs to be structured well, and must have substantiation for the selected approach, which our team understands and advises accordingly. Dissertation Canada can provide you Dissertation Methodology Help and assistance in research methodology writing, such that the chapter informs as well as persuades the reader on the approach adopted by you for the study. Contact today for PhD research methodology help.