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Our service is guaranteed to offer you value for money and hence in case you are not satisfied with our service, we shall refund you the amount paid without asking any questions. Our aim is to offer a genuine money back guarantee, since we have 100% confidence in the work we do. Also, our aim remains to offer consulting a select few serious doctoral candidates who genuinely need help. To implement this, we normally ask you many questions and try to understand your idea of research before confirming on a project.

Below are the key points related to the service we provide

  • 100% relevant consulting by PhD's.
  • Guaranteed on time delivery.
  • Original research based on evidence or citations.
  • Quick email response within one business day.
  • No price escalation during the entire tenure of PhD consulting
  • No extra charge for revisions, if the original work scope remains intact.
  • Query resolution and providing rationale for the work we did.

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