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Use of Projective Techniques in Research

Why are Projective Techniques needed in Research? The Projective techniques were originally used in the field of psychology and the focus is to understand the subconscious aspects of a person’s personality. The projective techniques have the task of getting people to respond to ambiguous stimuli. It works on the fundamental that projection of the inner […]

Another cycle which is called: The Research Hype Cycle

Whenever there is an innovation trigger in the market, it is followed by a generalized process of four stages. These four stages could be named as: Peaks of Inflated Expectations Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity These stages could be explained in the field of research technology in a very interesting manner. […]

Actionable Research is not a Choice Anymore

An actionable research is pertinent to the students of management. These studies can put into exercise by the managers theoretically as well as instrumentally so as to be able to guide upcoming action. It is imperative that such research has the ability to deliver a certain degree of understanding and information that can be practically […]

New techniques in Research for Humanities

Before understanding and exploring new techniques in humanities research, it is important to explore terminologies like “Method” and “Research” in context to humanities. The word Method particularly raises some issues of its own. A method in basic language is a procedure or to be more specific a system of classification where disposition of material has […]

Coding and its relevance in research

The process by which we identify and denote a numeral to the responses that have been given by the respondent is called the coding.  The main purpose behind doing the coding is that it helps to facilitate the researchers use so that the answers can be interpreted, classified and recorded from the questionnaire onto the […]

Types of Interviews for Research

There are multiple kinds of interviews that can be conducted for research. Each one of them has certain pros and cons. The selection of the technique of interview depends upon the different parameters on which the research is being conducted. Personal Interviews:  A typical type of interview that can be called a personal interview is […]

Errors in Questionnaire Based Research

There are various kinds of errors that have a greater chance of occurrence in Questionnaire based research. These four kinds of errors are: a)    Sampling Error b)    Measurement Error c)    Coverage Error d)    Non- Response Error a)    Sampling Error: This kind of error largely deals with Inadequate Sample size and non-random Sampling techniques used. b)    […]

Presentation of Research: Essentials

The ultimate goal of any researcher is to present a very crystal clear image of research. The way the research is presented, it should be both, believable and digestible for the audience.  With the objective to effectively present the findings, it is very important that the audience, the message and the medium are all matched […]