Identifying Important Parts of a Research

A research study or a thesis is one of the most essential steps in achieving a successful PhD. When you embark on the mission of creating your study, make sure to take special care in the creation of a few extremely important parts of the research. If the important parts are done well, more than half the battle is won and completing the PhD becomes a cake walk.

The proposal: The research proposal makes for a summary of your ideas about the topic and what you plan on explaining with your study. This makes the proposal the first most important part of the study.

The basis of arguments: Your researches, studies, surveys, questionnaires, citations etc. make for another essential part of the study. These lead to you understanding of the study, which means that if they are represented accurately and clearly, you make for a strong foundation for your study.

Methodology: The chapter that explains your research methodology is of great importance in a research, this is because the chapter gives an insight about how you plan of studying your topic and how you will explain it.

Conclusion and Inferences: What you understand from your study and how you interpret it, is something that shows how much you have understood your work. This is the reason why the conclusion is a greatly essential part of the entire research. If you write the conclusion with clarity, you may have just made your mark.

Bibliography: Acknowledging your sources of study and the work that you borrow from the studies of other people, is important so that the evaluator would be able to know the lengths to which you have reached for creating the study.

Though all the parts of a research write up are connected, one leads up to the other and all the parts must have a maintained quality, it is important to give special attention to the parts that are most observed.

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