Things To Do During And After Your Defense Of A Dissertation Proposal

Your dissertation proposal will be the summarisation of your motivation to conduct research on a particular topic. Once it is ready, you should present it to you advisor, who will further present it to the dissertation committee for approval. Take the time to create a presentation by organizing your research and prepare yourself for your dissertation defence.

Dissertation draft

Even though the requirements for a research proposal are different in case of different universities, there are a few guidelines that generally apply to research proposals across all the universities of the world. Your proposal should serve as a roadmap for your research that is coming up. The fundamental elements of a research proposal that is excellent include an abstract, a title, an introduction, a literature review, an objective, etc. If you would like to prepare for your proposal defence, then consider going through the dissertation proposals of the past students or alumni of the institution from where you intend to do your research degree.

Determine expectations

When it comes to the submission of a research proposal, you would need to find out whether your university has any specific guidelines regarding the same. Consult your department and committee chair to confirm the specific guidelines that your university has. Make sure that you address your research question and problems in your dissertation proposal before you can defend yourself. Your proposal should be considered by you as an opportunity to convince the research committee at your university that your topic is important enough to receive funding from them.

Apply for funding

After the defense of your dissertation proposal, you should apply for funding in case your research proposal gets approved by the research committee. Then, you should go ahead and do research on the topic of your dissertation. If you work hard till the end of the dissertation, you will get your research degree.

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